Long Speaker Cable Runs


Hey everybody - long time lurker first time poster and would love your thoughts on the problem I'm having.

My primary playing situation is church/worship music. Because we're in a small
space, volume is an issue so I'm running my rig - Fuchs Blackjack 21, or a Dr. Z Carmen Ghia - in a largish closet off-stage.
The distance is about 55 feet.

Our current solution: Using a Radial SGI to send my guitar signal to the amps.
However, I would like to try a 2 amp set-up and would love to have the heads on stage because, the way I arrive at a sound that works is to play and make small tweaks along the way.
With the amps 55 feet away - that becomes a real problem.
Also, I emailed Andy Fuchs about this a while ago and he said to please keep the speaker cable to the Blackjack 8-10 feet long.

So, the question is: does anyone have a way to have long speaker cable runs like this without causing signal degradation or damaging the amp in some way?
I am not a very technical guy so I'm hoping for something I can understand - thanks in advance for any help.


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Find a good cable of the length you need and try it.
If you notice anything, then you'll know.
A little extra load shouldn't be a problem at 55 Ft.


I can understand why Andy would not reccomend long speaker cable runs from a warranty standpoint, but 55 feet is not that long of a run. Get some 12ga decent quality speaker cables and do it, just make sure they don't get disconnected while the amps are on. A iso type speaker cab would be another option.

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