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Longest anyone has waited on a build?


I couldn't imagine waiting 11 years for something, let alone a guitar. I recently looked at a guitar that has a 2-3 year waiting period and couldn't pull the trigger, although, you only needed to pony up $250 to secure your place in line.

The Funk

I'm currently building 3 guitars for myself. I have a full time job, kids, a wife and a house to take care of, and I don't have all of the tools I need to fully build the instruments yet, so its going quite slowly.

It's STILL not going to take me 13 years to build them.

I mean.....guitars are not that hard to make. Part of what is slowing me down is that these are my first instruments so I have to make all of the templates and jigs for each step as I come to each step. But....fretboards are glued on two of the necks, templates are all made, body woods have been mostly acquired.

A professional builder will have all of that stuff and all the tools already. Theres no excuse for a 13 year wait. ****, I don't think the statute of limitations even applies to the crime of stealing your money anymore. A wait should be because there is a wait list. But, if a builder has all the parts and the wood is properly seasoned, a solid body guitar is a matter of a few weeks of build time. A hollowbody with a carved top will be quite a bit more, but still not that long.


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About 18 months for a Shishkov (Mike).never any doubt due to great communication with verbal and picture updates. Handmade by a single luthier, incredible workmanship
Good lord man, that thing is incredible.


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No real consolation that some have waited longer than just a few days shy of five years...

Michael Segui

That is VERY cool. I'm sure you'd beat Wayne, since his priorities included fishing and hanging around as well as working on the guitar. I think his daughter builds most of their guitars now, because she takes it as more of a job?
Jayne's guitars and Wayne's are two separate businesses... with separate times and building philosophies.
Jayne will help Wayne with certain projects and vice versa but Jayne builds her guitars and Wayne builds his.

I waited 3 years and 9 months for my Henderson.
Wayne also doesn't take deposits... so you aren't out any money when waiting for a guitar.



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That's very cool! Were you charged the 3 years ago price or the just now one? Because when he wrote the book they were something like $3k and now they're over $10k?


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I ordered a custom lefty Callaham Strat almost 20 years ago. I waited for 30 months for delivery. It was nice, but not THAT nice. I didn't really bond with it.

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