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Look at these frets.


I've seen this before and its really strange. The only thing I can think of is chemistry balance or something else in someones sweat/finger oil(s). I have an EVO fretted guitar, have played it for 100s of hours in various environments and it has zero fret wear. The other possibility is its simply a bad batch of EVO wire in the manufacturing. The other confusing thing about these pics though is why the hell would someone keep playing it to run it down this far? You would think when it started to wear a bit you would have questioned it and got it looked into. I find it hard to believe someone would just run the frets down this far before questioning it.. but anyways o_O

Also.. worth mentioning you can buy fake EVO frewire from China:

$2.50.. lol

Maybe thats what it is? Chances are it would have different alloy/composition than what Jescar uses even though it looks very similar it could be a watered down mix.
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I think somebody just went crazy with a file. You can see where the strings contact the frets, on the high spots. Those divots line up between the strings, not under them.
It probably means that you can squeeze your fingers into position without your fingernails interfering with the frets so much.


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yeah, that's not string wear!

where the strings actually hit the frets are fine! weirdest thing i've seen in a while.

my guess is maybe the player's fingernails are too long and wearing the metal between the strings, but i don't see how that would wear faster than the actual metal strings themselves.

maybe if the stuff really is fake EVO wire like @Jabby92 suggested, but i still can't see how it would wear in between the string pairs rather than under the strings themselves.

whatever it is you can see it's wearing the wood in the gaps as well, the strings are protecting the board from whatever is happening.

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