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Looking for a custom S-style luthier. Wide nut a must.

arthur rotfeld

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I have a friend in the market for an S style guitar with a wide nut. Something with a feel like last year's Gibsons. Offhand, I think that's 1 7/8" or something along those lines. I've checked a number of top makers but it appears most are working in standard measurements as the only options (and that's including the Fender CS, to my surprise.)

Who should we been looking at or contacting?


USA Custom Guitars has a wide nut option on their S style necks/bodies (neck pocket is wider to accommodate a wider neck heel). I was speaking to Tommy the other day, and he says that they have hired an in-house luthier/builder. Maybe you should give them a shout and see what's the deal.


+1 on USA Custom Guitars. Especially for Necks/Frets.

Ive had them make me 3 necks, and are the only 1s I really need to use for a Strat/Tele style neck. IMHO it really doesn't get any better regardless of how much you pay. Inc Fender Masterbuilt Custom Shop.

I would get USACG to make me a Body/Neck, get all the parts I like, and send it to Glaser Instruments in Nashville for Complete Assembly, Setup, and Plek.

You can als Supply USACG with your own wood if you like. If you want a Brazil Rosewood Board ?? Send them a Blank, and if it passes inspection, they will be glad to use it for you.

I send them the wood I want, if they don't have what I want. But the wood they do have is great stuff, well dried/stored, and Cathedral Cut. No wood from/near stress points. Like near a crotch, Leaning , Limbs ect.

USACG will make a 1 7/8 neck, but you would also have to buy 1 of their Bodies to accommodate the Larger Heel.

You wont find a better Strat type guitar at any price. Ill never buy another Strat/Tele name brand again, and I still do have a couple. My original 1 owner 71 x 4 Boly Oly Strat, and early 82 Fender Fullerton Reissue 62 Strat with the collectable Red Bobbin pups. 1 owner.

I did use Original 65-66 Strat pups in my Partscaster, and a 7-13-82 Fullerton Reissue Body, but Tommy/USACG IMHO are as good as it gets for Strat/Tele style guitars.

Ron Kirn/Bill Crook Both give USACG a Thumbs Up.

I would also go for 1 of Rons Guitars, if I was going to have someone Build me a guitar. I'm sure he would do a 1 7/8 nut.

Also to get a Set Up like Ron would give, you would for sure have to have someone like Glaser Assemble it, and Set it up, and do the final Tweaks to the Frets, so the guitar will play as well as possible.

1 of the things you pay for with Rons is a great set up, and assembly. No way any stock Fender is going to come from the Factory playing like a guitar that someone ( Ron for 1 ) that really knows what they are doing, to do the final 10%.

Also few can cut a NUT like Ron, Dan Erlewine, Glaser/Plek ect. Nut IMHO is 1 of the most overlooked, and underestimate part of the equation, and in my neck of the woods, there are 0000 who can really do a Professional job, that would satisfy the most discerning player.
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Check out Damian Probett's rocket. A more excellent gibson like neck would be hard to find. On a fender hybrid body. Built of Mahogany, generally. It's well worth consideration.

Disclosure - I work with Damian representing his guitars on the West Coast.

Best - B


I have some warmoth necks that are 1 7/8". However, I have found that 1 3/4" nut works great if I simply have the builder cut the nut slots slightly wider. It's easier to get ones hands on a 1 3/4" and have more options - so worth thinking about this option.

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