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Looking for a piezo-equipped electric


Platinum Supporting Member
I've got the magnetic thing covered, but just ran into a Rowan Del Rio (see pics), and thought it was the bomb. For about $2k, I'm not sure anything else will come close. Beautiful tops. Besides the obvious (Parker Fly, Taylor, and Godin), are there others like this one that I'm missing in this price range? Thanks!


Bob V

Guitar Player magazine's web site has a "TV" section with little video clips. Almost all the new guitars they "review" have a Fishman or similar piezo pickup system in the bridge along with the regular magnetic signals - seems like all the new high end models from headbanger jobs to jazz-boxes are offering this option. Run it in stereo out to a separate eq and pa or acoustic amp. I have a Fishman powerbridge on a tele partscaster I made, love it. You just have to get used to playing acoustic licks on light electric strings.


Gold Supporting Member
Look at Ernie Ball Music Man. Every guitar they make, minus the Benji Madden or course, has a piezo option.


Gold Supporting Member
I've found that Brian Moore Custom Shop piezo equipped guitars are simply stellar. Here's mine.. :D



Suhr S-Classic, V60LP's, Soft V neck
Gold Supporting Member
If you have a regular magnetic pickup guitar you would not mind turing into a project guitar, you could get an after-market piezo system and have it installed in that guitar. I did that with a parts Tele - had my tech install a GraphTec Ghost Piezo pickup system (there are others to choose from but I had a Stew mac catalog sitting around), all we had to do is add a mini-switch to select piezo/both/magnetic pickups and wire it up for use with a stereo Y cord and it's in service. Could be an option for you if you don't want to pony up for an entire new instrument.

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