Looking for a producer? We used a great one...


My band 'The Brave' just recorded our debut EP and we got an old friend Caleb James to produce it. It has exceeded our expectations and we've been hugely satisfied with the results, while having a huge amount of fun recording it!

We've all known Caleb for years and he has been a successful local producer for much of that time. Basically he's done wonders with our EP.

So, if you're in particular from the slightly alternative side of the fence stylistically and want a top pro sounding recording with an edge, then drop him a line. His prices are reasonable for the quality you get back and he's a top bloke simply as a person, not just from a professional perspective.

He'll consider anyone worldwide (although obviously Australian East Coast is preferable) and his website is www.calebjames.com if you want to check his work out and contact him.

PS I have DEFINITELY not been asked to write this let alone paid anything to do it - I just think quality people should be lauded for what they do and I therefore believe in actively supporting them to new levels of success.

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