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Looking to buy A roadcase for my amp, now that my band is starting to play out of state. Found some on eBay called "Xcases" for a good price. Anyone know how the quality of these cases are or have suggestions for other builders? Not looking to spend a whole lot on this.

Dana Olsen

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Do you live in or near a place where there are studio rental facilities and cartage companies? Like New York, LA, Dallas, Nashville, San Fran, Chicago, etc?

I ask because buying road cases used is the way to go. Remember, a case like an Anvil or an A&S has good advantages if you're not loading your own gear - eg, you have a 'crew' who does that, or if you'll be flying a lot.

If you are transporting in your own cars and loading your own gear, remember that road cases really rip up vehicles - so if you're loading Uhauls or Trucks, road cases are a good thing, If you're travelling in your own car and carrying your own gear, road cases will just rip up your cars.

Road cases are much more necessary if you have a crew, and if you're playing larger venues with long-distance load ins. Also if you're flying - essential. Otherwise, especially if you're playing clubs and setting up and moving all your own gear, I'd just use good amp covers and hand trucks or carts. Saves money, saves the vehicle wear, and they don't cost as much.

ESPECIALLY if you are buying cases for 'standard' amps - eg a Fender Twin Reverb, a 50 Marshall head, industry standard gear, you will have excellent opportunities to buy used. If it's custom gear, you STILL might be able to find good matches in used cases.

Anyhow, I probably answered more than you asked for - my apologies. I've never heard of "X" cases, I don't know how well they work or last.

Hope some of this helps anyway, Dana O.


Personally, if I was looking for a roadcase, I'd put a WTB ad on my local Craigslist. You'd be amazed at how cheaply you can pick up a used roadcase. ( For example....I recently picked up a pair of high-quality, fully padded medium-sized flight cases in good shape for $30 apiece, courtesy of Craigslist.)

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