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Looking for a seafoam green guitar strap


Silver Supporting Member
I'm not trying to sound picky but putting two different color greens would defeat the whole purpose of matching the strap to the guitar.
And I'm just trying to help. A forum member Cratz2 posted this pic in a Couch strap thread here.I don't think you will find a closer match. If you do, I want to know as I have a Seafoam Strat I'd like to use a matching strap on as well. Original Thread https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/844820&highlight=couch



Silver Supporting Member
I have that same Couch strap - they are fantastic, and unlike most straps are long enough for tall guys like me.

As far as Seafoam Green, even Fender has made many different shades of that color over the years, and I've seen at least two dozen other variations from other manufacturers out there as well. You'd have to post a pic of your guitar to get close.


For posterity, my guitar pictured above is Surf Green, not Seafoam Green.

The strap I have would definitely contrast pretty severely on a Seafoam Green guitar in my opinion.

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