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Looking for a versatile preamp/drive pedal w 3 band EQ


From sparkle, to edge of breakup, to light overdrive, and some solid rock drive tones too.

Various humbucker guitars into a modded hot rod deluxe, tone master deluxe reverb, or HX stomp, playing funk, r&B, blues, jazz, fusion, jam, rock.

Have had some decent results in the past with a BB+Mid Boost, Dr. Scientist Elements, MXR Superbadass (not great at lower gain), Catalinbread DLS (3 band eq wasn't really a T/M/B eq if you know what I mean).

Gotta have that 3 band EQ though ;)


Platinum Supporting Member
Two options come to mind meeting your criteria:

Wampler Clarksdale - TS style od with TMB eq
Wampler Tumnus Deluxe - Klon style od with TMB eq

They are both excellent pedals, typical Wampler quality builds, and are very tweakable. I have both and they are always on two of my pedalboards. I think you might prefer the Clarksdale based on the genres of music you play. Of course, that is just my $0.02/opinion.

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