Looking for alternatives to "Solo Performer" (One Man Band software)


I'm asking this for my boss. He plays solo acoustic shows with backing tracks in local restaurants and currently uses a Macbook Pro (work laptop) with iTunes and has all his tabs/chord sheets arranged into folders as PDF's or Word documents.

The problem is if a song is long or otherwise doesn't fit on one page. Couple that with the aspect ratio of trying to view a portrait page on a landscape screen, and the fact that it's cumbersome to start a song then switch back to word or Adobe for the lyrics . . .

He would like an all-in-one solution. I googled for him and found Alien Aparatus' Solo Performer software. It appears to do what he wants, and way more than he'd ever need. Plus it costs hundreds of dollars.

Is there any software that anyone knows of that will take your mp3's, and your word docs, and play one while scrolling the other at a set speed?

He should be able to use Powerpoint for the lyrics. I have a usb foot switch that I use for something similar. It's automatically assigned to the arrow and/or space bar keys to advance forward or backwards. Orchestra conductors sometimes use this to advance scores in digital format.

Here's a link to the thing I use:


**edit** I see what he's trying to accomplish. He wants something like karaoke playback. He may, however, be able to incorporate the song into powerpoint and make each lyric page a song. Just an idea.
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