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i am looking for an amp that has both clean and some gain, crunch. not a real fan of gain but i do want to have some available. mostly into clean. i also don't have any stores nearby so i rely on what i hear online. i did come across the tubemeister 36. it's hard to get a true feel from youtube but is it a good brand. it sounded somewhat bright. any help would be appreciated. budget is around 1000 give or take a few hundred. i like to play rock (beatles, stones etc, old vintage surf. not into metal at all. i do like the fender amps but wanted something with a little more crunch.

thanks for your help

milli vanilli

I would NOT pick an amp online that you haven't heard in person, especially if you are going to drop that kind of cash. Even if it is inconvenient make a list of a few you think will fit the bill and make a trip to try them out. That is a ton of cash to plunk down on an unknown item... everyone hears 'crunch' differently, has a different opinion of 'warm' or 'vintage'. Enjoy the process and find something that you are certain will let you sound like you...

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