Looking for an amp Based on Power tube Design?


I know this looks insane, but lately I’ve been looking for certain amps, based on what circuitry they were designed and based on what tubes it uses. We are only aware about amps that are most used or more popular. Reading all these websites and by making this list I found that there are far too many choices to consider before committing to an amp based on its design. I mainly did this for me (Can’t lie) but I hope it helps others when they get to the amp hunt, thus giving more choices that are not just the standard popular amp (not that there’s something wrong with that).
Hope this helps…….

Latest updates as for 12/09/06
Class A EL84 - Stulce amps
Class A EL84 - Texas Tube amps (Model One)
6V6 Texas Tube amps (MM5)
6V6 Bennett Music Labs (AD7)
EL 84 Trainwreck amps (Liverpool, Rocket)
EL 34 Trainwreck amps (Express)
6L6, EL34, 6V6 - D'Lite
EL 34 - Ark Amps (Mode A)
EL 84 - Andrews amps (A-22)
EL 84 - DAAB amps (Tupelo Honey)
EL 84 - Bacino amps (BAC 18)
EL 84 - Barnett Davies amps (15/30)
EL 84 Blankenship amps (LEEDS21)
EL 34 Blankenship amps (Variples)
EL 34 - Cruise amps
EL 34 Elmwood (M60, Bonneville, 3100)
6V6 -6L6 Blankenship amps (FatBoy)
EL 34 -Bluetron amps
6V6 -Bluetron amps
6L6 - Bluetron amps
6L6 - ElectrOplex (Rocket)
6V6GT/6L6GC Collins amps (Tweed tone, Harp tone)
6V6GT/EL34 (Soho)
EL84- Collins amps (Hawk, Eastender, Bristol, Concord)
6550/EL34 Collins amps (BlutBad)
KT66/6L6GC/EL34 Collins amps (Kensington)
KT 100 -EL34 - 6550- Electric amps

Ampeg (Still to come)
Sunn (Still to come)

Class A amps:
Alessandro(Beagle, Plott)
Auble (System 110)
Belov(Dragster, Rally, Café Rally)
Carlsbro(The Fatboy)
Carr(Hammerhead, Rambler, Mercury)
Cauble(Gigatone 15, Blue Ghost 35)
Cornell(Journeyman, Rambler, Romany)
Cornford(Hurricane, Harlequin)
Crate(V58, V1512,V3112, V30H)
Divided By 13(JRT 9/15)
Edward(HED, ED)
Electrosonic(Thermosonic, Solaris, Neptune)
Greer(Stinger A, Thunderbolt 30)
Guytron(GT 100 channel A)
Hiwatt(Custom 20)
Jamison(The Jamison)
Judybox (Model 230 “Working Blue”)
Matamp(1224 MKII, C7)
Penn(Signature Series)
Red Iron(Single Ended Red Iron)
Reeves(Custom 6)
Savage(The Glas 30, The Rohr 15, The Macht 12 & 6)
Scumbag(The Scumbag)
Snider Amps(The Chicago)
Specimen(The Barbie Amp, Petimor Singles)
Speedster(Class A “40”)
Standel(30C24, Model 484, S30-H)
Swan Pro(RCS20)
T-Rex(BigTone 24, 45)
Texas Tube amps(MM5)
THD Electronics(UniValve, BiValve)
Torres Engineering(The Boogie Mite)
Traynor(Custom Valve 20)
Trinity(Trinity 15)
Vintone(TooTone, Dimond Back)
Wakarusa(Model A)

6BM8 based amps:
Edward(HED, ED)

6AQ5 based amps:
Torres Engineering( The Boogie Mite)

6v6G based amps:
Vintone(V Drive)
Wakarusa(Model A-1,2,3)

6v6GTA based amps:
Vintone(ClipperR, TC, TC Ultra)

6v6GT based amps:
Vintone(The Lux, SimpleX)

6v6 based amps:
Adam Stark
Alessandro(Plott hound, blue tick)
Ashdown (Cotton club)
Bennett Music Labs(AD 7)
Blues Pearl(Texas Tornado, Dos Hombres)
Bluetron Amps
Bruno(Cow Tipper 22, Tweedy pie 18)
Carr(Slant 6V)
Divided By 13(FTR37, SJT 10/20)
Drifter Amps(Texas Blue)
Dr. Z(Z-28)
Fuchs(ODS 20 and 30, Train-45, Black Jack 21)
Garnet(Lil’ Rock)
Germino (Masonette)
Gibson (GA 20RVT)
Greer(Underdog 15, Inderdog Mod 1)
Headstrong(Diamond series, Blue Lamp series)
Judybox (Model 330 Comrade “Tools, not Toys”)
Matamp(1224 MKII)
Orange(Rockerverb 50)
Penn(Signature Series)
Reinhardt(The MI-6)
Rivera(Plubster, Clubster)
Roccaforte(Custom 30)
Savage(The Macht 12 & 6)
Scumbag(The Scumbag)
SDG Vintage(Tweed Deluxe)
Sewell Amps(Wampuscat Classic 15W, Texaverb 15W)
Specimen(The Barbie Amp, Petimor Singles, Rendition 26)
Speedster(25W Deluxe)
Star Amps(Nova)
Tamerlane(Hodgee Ba Ba Version 1, Version 2)
Texas Tube amps(Model One)
ThunderTweak(D-Lux, GigMaster)
Tone King(Meteor Series II, Meteor 40A, Comet 20A, 40A, 40B, Continental, Imperial)
TopHat(The Portly Cadet, Ambassador 35, Club Deluxe)
Torres Engineering( Hyperdrive, Super Texan, 5E3 Tweed Deluxe)
Trinity(Trinity Deluxe)
Two Rock(Custom Reverb)
Valvetech (The Amp)
Victoria(Trem d’la Trem, The Double Deluxe)


EL 84 based amps:
Aiken(Invader, Intruder, Tomcat)
Alessandro(Beagle, English)
Andrews Amps(A-22)
Ashdown (Fallen Angel)
Bacino(BAC 18)
Bad Cat(Black cat, club II, Mini Cat, Trem Cat)
Barnett Davies amps(15/30)
Belov(Rally, Café Racer)
Blockhead(18W, Firstborn)
Brunetti(Maranello, )
Bruno(Underground 30)
Budda(Twinmaster 18, Verbmaster 18, Superdrive Series II 18, 30)
Burris(Custom Classic, Shuffleking)
Cauble(Gigatone 15)
Clark(Brighton, Hampton)
Collins Amps(Hawk, Eastender, Bristol, Concord)
Crate(V58, V1512,V3112, V30H)
DAAB amps(Tupelo Honey)
Dabeck(18W Custom)
Divided By 13(ERT 33, RSA 31)
Dr. Z(Carmen Ghia, Maz 18 Jr., Maz 38 Sr., Mazerati, Mini Z, Perscription, Prescription ES)
Gabriel(The Gabriel 18)
George Dennis(Spit Fire, Bluesman Forty)
Gibson (GA 5)
Greer(Stinger A)
Heritage(The Briton)
James(The LoWatt)
Jamison(The Jamison)
Judybox (Model 220 Woodster “Working Blue”, Model 320 Clubland “Tools, not Toys”)
King(“Jimmy” 18W)
Kingsley(Deluxe 30, 32)
Komet(Constellation 30)
Matchless(C-30, The Avenger, Lightning, Nighthawk, Spitfire)
Maven Peal(DZ44 EL84 model)
Mayfly (Maybly BC-15, BC-30)
Mesa Boogie(Nomad 45)
Mojave(Coyote, SideWinder)
Peavey(Classic 30, 50, Delta Blues)
Point Blank(18W)
Red Iron
Reeves(Custom 6, Studio/Stage MKII)
Reinhardt (The 18, Titan)
Retrodyne(Dynaluxe Reverb 18R, 30R)
Roccaforte(Rockie 30, Custom 18)
Savage(The Glas 30, The Rohr 15, The Macht 12 & 6)
Snider Amps(The Chicago)
Soldano(Astroverb 16)
Sommatone(Sommatone Roaring 20)
SMF (Sonic Machine Factory 15W)
Snake River(Snake River)
Speedster(Class A “40”)
Standel(30C24, Model 484, S30-H)
Star Amps(Gain Star)
Supro Amps(Sahara)
T-Rex(BigTone 24, 45)
Tamerlane(Hodgee Ba Ba Version 1, Version 2)
Tattoo(Flash 18)
Teixeira(Custom 18W)
Texas Tube amps(MM5)
Tone King(Meteor 15A, 30A)
TopHat(Prince Royale, The King Royale, Club Royale)
Torres Engineering( Hyperdrive, PrinceTone Jr., Dual British Invasion)
Trainwreck(Liverpool, Rocket)
Traynor(Custom Valve 20)
Trinity(Trinity 18)
Valvetech(Hayseed 30)
Victoria(The Victoriette, The Victorilux )
VHT(Pittbull 45, Super 30)
Vintone(TooTone, Diamond Back)
Vox(AC 15, AC 30)
Zinky(Blue Velvet 25)
65 Amps(London, Marquee Club)

EL84L based amps:
Snider Amps(The New Jersey)

6L6 based amps:
Adam Stark
Blockhead(Split Front 45’, BLK Offset’)
Blues Pearl(Verbrasonic)
Bluetron Amps
Bruno(Cow Tipper 35, 45, 90, Tweedy Pie 35, Lead Man 60, 100, )
Budda(Superdrive Series II 80)
Cauble(Super 100, 50)
Diaz(CD30, Classic Twin)
Fuchs(ODS 30, 50,100)
George Dennis(Bluesman Sixty)
Gibson (GA 40RVT)
Greer(Marauder 35)


6L6 based amps:

Heritage(The Freedom, The Kenny Burrell, The Liberty, The Patriot)
JoMama(Blues Special, Kelemen Reverb 45)
Judybox (Model 230 Zobolt “Working Blue”)
Louis(HS Model, P15, Swingking, Gattone)
Maximo Audio(Tweed Bareman)
Mesa Boogie(LoneStar, Nomad 100, Solo 50 series 2, Recto O Verb Series 2, Dual Rectifier, Triple Rectifier, Road king)
Omega(Omega Cutom)
Randall(RM50HB, RM50B, RM100S)
Sewell Amps(Wampuscat Classic 25W, 35W, 50W, 100W, Texaverb 25W, 45W, 50W, Texaplex 25W)
Skrydstrup(Overdrive 50)
Specimen(Fifty Watt)
Standel(100UL15, 100VPH, AM 100UL15, 100C24, S100-H)
Supro Amps(Tremoletrics)
Tattoo(Tribal 45)
Tone King(Meteor 20A)
TopHat(Ambassador 50, 100, Super Deluxe)
Torres Engineering( Hyperdrive, Super Texan)
Two Rock(Custom Reverb, Emerald)
Victoria(Regal. The Victorilux)
Voodoo Amps(EM 100)

6L6GC based amps:
Engl(Special Edition, Fireball, Powerball)
Louis( Wide panel LE54 Tweedmaster)
Peavey(6505, XXX)
SDG Vintage(Vibroverb)
Tone King(Galaxy)
Two Rock
Uncle Spot(Uncle Spot Amps)
Vintone(Crystal Thirty-eight)

5881 based amps:
Burris(El Ma)
Clark(MTC-45, Congaree)
Cornford(MK 50h)
Engl(Ritchie Blackmore, Thunder, Classic tube)
Krank(Revolution series one, Chadwick 50)
SDG Vintage(1959 Bassman, Tweed Super)
Soldano(Hot Rod 50, 100, Lucky 13, SLO 100)
Traynor(Custom Valve 40, 80)
Vintone(Twin V Twin)
Wizard(Rock Standard, Metal)

EL34 based amps:
Aiken (Invader, Intruder, Sabre)
Ark Amps(Mode A)
Ashdown (Pacemaker 60)
Bad Cat(Hot Cat)
Blockhead (100W, Custom 65’)
Bluetron Amps
Bogner(Uberschall, Shiva, Ecstacy)
Brunetti(059, MC2, XL” R-Evo)
Bruno(Pony 50, 100, Bulldog 45)
Bumbox Custom Audio(Cielo)
Burris(The Grape)
Carlsbro(Reissue 50)
Cauble(Blue Ghost 35, Super 100, 50)
Cornell(Cornell Plexi DC 45/50)
Cornford(Hellcat, Harlequin, Hurricane)
Crate(VFX series)
Cruise amps
Dabeck(50W Custom)
David Bray(Marshall mods)
Divided By 13(STJ 37)
Drifter Amps(London 50)
Dr. Z (KT45, 6545)
Electric amps
Elmwood(M60 Modena, Bonneville, 3100)
Fargen(Mini-Mighty Plex, Bastage, VOS)
Fuchs(Lucky 7, Train-45)
Garnet(BTO, Pro, Session Man)
Germino(Headroom 100, Lead 55, Lead 55LV, Club 40)
Gibson(GA 50H)
Greer(Thunderbolt 30)
Heritage(The Revolution)
Hiwatt(Custom 100, Custom 50)
Hughes and Kettner(TriAmp MKII Alex Lifeson signature edition, TriAmp MKII, Duotone, Puretone)
James(1959 clone, 1987 clone)
Judybox (Model 330 Westerner “Tools, not Toys”)
Juke(Juke 1210, 810H, 112, 210,
Kingsley(Deluxe 50, 100)
Koch(Twintone, Classictone, Multitone)
Komet(The Komet, KF-50)
Kress(50 Watt Plexi)


EL34 based amps:

Mako(Makoplex 100)
Matchless(The Independence, Phoenix 35, Chieftain, Clubman)
Matamp(GTO, GTL,1224 MKII, C7)
Maven Peal(Ganesha, Tuskadaro)
Maximo Audio(T-Wreck Xpress)
Metro(Plexi Clone)
Modern Vintage(Low Power, Med Power, High Power)
Omega(Omega Custom)
Orange(AD140, AD50, Retro 50 heads, Rocker 30 combo)
Paul Ruby
Peters(50 and 100)
Randall(RM100M, RG50TC)
Red Iron
Reeves(Custom 50, 100, Signature series CP-103)
Rivera(Fandango, Knucklehead II, Knucklehead Reverb, Chubster, Suprema 55, Plubster, Clubster)
Roccaforte(Custom HG 100, Custom 80, Denelle 45R, Custom 40)
Sewell Amps(Wampuscat Texaplex 25W, 45W, 50W)
SonicCord(The Bantam)
Splawn(Quick Rod)
Star Amps(Gain Star)
Tattoo(Flash 50, 45, Tribal 50, 45)
ThunderTweak(TopFuel 50)
Torres Engineering( Hyperdrive, Super Texan, DM-2000)
Traynor(Custom Valve 50Blue)
Two Rock(Ruby)
Victoria(The Sovereign)
VHT(100CLX, 100CL, 50CL, 50ST)
Voodoo(Hex, Witchdoctor, V-Plex, V-Plex II, V-Reck, Baka, CP100, EM 100)
Vox(AC 50)
Wizard(Vintage Classic, Modern Classic, Rock Standard, Metal, Classic Bass 100)

6550 based amps:

Alessandro(Coonhound, Redbone Special, Greyhound, Bassett hound)
Crate(BV150H, BV300HB)
Divided By 13(TBL 200)
Electric amps
Fuchs(ODS 150)
Judybox (Model 550 Partisan “Tone Without Limits”)
KJL(Dirty 30)
Mako(Dorado 100)
SonicCord(The Classic)
Tattoo(Tribal 45)

KT66 based amps:

Cornell(Cornell Plexi DC 45/50)
Dr. Z(Route 66)
Germino(Classic 45)
Judybox (500 Series Splendor, Cubist “Tone Without Limits”)
Louis(KR model)
Tattoo(Tribal 45)
Torres Engineering( Hyperdrive)
Wallace(BKW 45/100)

KT88 based amps:
Divided By 13(RSA 23)
Dr. Z(Delta)
George Dennis(Basic Tube)
Hiwatt(Custom 200/400)
Komet(Komet 80)
Torres Engineering( Hyperdrive)
VHT(Ultra Lead, Power Amp)
Vintone(Crystal Forty-Eight)

KT100 based amp:
Electric amps

7027 based amp:
Torres Engineering( Hyperdrive)

807 based amps:
Standel(25L15, 25VPH, AM 25L15)

300B based amps:
Wavelength Audio(Triton Blue, Cardinal X2, Napoleon)

Tube combinations:

EL84/6v6 tubes:
Cauble(Omni-Tone 25)
Divided By 13(JRT 9/15)
Electrosonic(Thermosonic, Solaris, Neptune)
Judybox (200 series “Working Blue”)
Juke(Juke VTS)
Kingsley(Deluxe 1)
Stephenson(LJ 10, LJ 15)

EL34/EL84 tubes:
Guytron(GT 100)

6v6/6L6 tubes:
Blankenship amps(FatBoy)
Tubegarden(The Reverb 22)

6v6/6L6GC tubes:

6v6GT/6L6GC tubes:
Collins Amps(Tweed Tone, Harp Tone)

6v6GT/EL34 tubes:
Collins Amps(Soho)

6L6/EL34 tubes:
Cauble(Omni-Tone 60, Super 100)
Mesa Boogie(Nomad 100, Solo 50 series 2, LoneStar, Recto O Verb Series 2, Dual Rectifier, Triple Rectifier, Road king)
VHT(100CL, 50CL, 50ST)

EL34/KT66 tubes:
Mojave(Plexi 45)

6L6/KT66 tubes:
Kingsley(Deluxe 50, 100)
Savage(Blitz 50)
SonicCord(The Toad)

6L6/KT88 tubes:
VHT(Ultra Lead)

5881/6L6 tubes:
Zinky(Blue Velvet 50)

5881/6L6GC tubes:
Louis( Narrow panel LE58 Twinnmaster)
Zinky(Zinky Superfly)


6550/EL34 tubes:
Collins Amps(BlutBad)
Koch(Powertone II)
Lee Jackson(M 1000, Blues ‘59)

6550/KT88 tubes:
Auble (Se Design)
Splawn(Pro Mod, Pro Stock)
VHT(Power amp)
Wizard(Classic Bass 300, 400)

6AV6/6EU7/6V6 tubes:
Specimen(Baby Politic)

EL34/EL84/6v6 tubes:
Stephenson(40W Reverb)
Tone King(Meteor II 40W)

EL34/6L6/6v6 tubes:
JoMama(Blues Special)
Two Rock(Jade)

EL34/6L6/6550 tubes:
Glaswerks(Super Overdrive)

EL34/6L6/KT88s tubes:
Ashdown (Pacemaker 100W)

EL34/6L6/KT66 tubes:
Allesandro(Black n’ Tan)
Judybox (Model 510 Thumper “Tone Without Limits”)

EL34/6L6GC/KT66 tubes:
Collins Amps(Kensington)

5881/6L6/EL34 tubes:
Chicago Blues Box(Roadhouse)

5881/KT66/EL34 tubes:
Tamerlane(Circa ‘63)

KT88/KT90/6L6GC tubes:
Vintone(Crystal Forty-Eight)

EL34/6L6GC/KT66/6550 tubes:
Orange(Rockerverb 100)

5881/6L6/EL34/6V6 tubes:
Chicago Blues Box(Halsted, Kingston)

5881/6L6/EL34/KT66 tubes:
Diezel(Herbert, VH4, VH4’s, Einstein)

6v6/EL34/5881/6L6/KT66 tubes:
Tamerlane(Hodgee Ba Ba 6v6 Version 1, Version 2)

EL34/6550/6L6/KT88/KT66 tubes:

6v6/EL84/6K6/ 6F6/6L6 tubes:
Auble (System 110)

6v6/6K6/6L6/KT88/ KT66/EL34 tubes:
Vintone( The Crystal Twelve)

7591/6L6GC/5881/EL34/KT66/KT77 tubes:

6v6/6L6/5881/ 6550/EL34/7581 tubes:
Red Iron(Single-Ended Red Iron)

EL34/6550/6L6/KT88/KT66/6v6 tubes:
Peters (50 and 100)

6L6/ 5881/EL34/KT66/KT88/6550 tubes:
Mad Professor

12AT7/ 6SL7/ EL84/6V6/ 6CA7/KT66 tubes:
Judybox(100 series “The Angry Lunch Box”)

5881/6L6/EL34/6CA7/KT66/KT88/KT100 tubes:
Diezel(Herbert, VH4, VH4-S, Einstein)

6V6/5881/6L6GC/KT66/EL37/7581/6550 tubes:
Siegmund(Midnight Special)

6K6/6V6/6L6/EL34/5881/KT66/KT77/KT88 tubes:

EL34/6550/5881/6L6GC/EL37/KT66/EL84/6v6 tubes:
Siegmund(Midnight Blue)

6L6/EL34/6550/7027/KT90/KT88/KT77/KT66 tubes:
THD Electronics (UniValve)

6G6/6Y6/6K6/6V6/EL33/6EZ5/EL84/6BQ5/7189 tubes:

6K6/6V6/6L6/EL34/5881/KT66/KT77/KT88/KT90 tubes:
Vintone(The Clipper)

6K6/6V6/5881/6550/7027/EL34/6l6/KT90/KT88/KT77/KT66 tubes

6v6/EL34/EL37/6L6/KT88/6550/5881/KT66/KT77/KT90/KT100/7581 tubes:
Maven Peal (DZ44 6v6 model)

EL34/EL37/6L6/KT88/6550/5881/KT66/KT77/KT90/KT100/7581 tubes:
Maven Peal(Ganesha, Tuskadaro)

6L6/EL34/6V6/6CA7/8417/6550/KT66/KT77/KT88/KT90/KT100/EL84 tubes:
THD Electronics (Flexi 50)

Takes all tubes:
Lee Jackson(SLX)
London Power(Studio)


List Completed!!!!! Thanks so much to Maven Peal Amplifiers, Scumbag Amplifiers, Cauble Amplifiers and Cornell Amplifiers for their input. If any builders feel that the information above mentioned is not accurate please contact me and I will make the necessary changes. Builders that were not mentioned there is no biased just that either we are not aware of your product or I looked under your website and there were no specifications about your product. So far I have 9 builders that I will have to contact and ask them for specs.

As for the “True” Class A vs. “Market” Class A, John you were correct sir; there are amps that are true class A, and others that are just marketed as class A. What I am going to do is write the word MARKET right next to the amp that is marketed as a Class A. The ones that do not have Market next to it are considered as a True Class A. (Please let me know which ones need to be distinguished from the true Class A)

Thanks to all for your support and kind words. Thanks to Deaj for helping me with my original thread about the list of amp builders, he made a great list. Hope this list becomes a useful tool for amp hunting, as well as to create conscience of all the unheard or not so popular companies building great high quality guitar amps.

P.S This List may help with the amp search but it definitely will not ease the GAS……


TGP Tech Wrangler
Staff member
All I have to say is that very few of the amps listed under "Class A" actually operate in Class A.

Actually that's not all: "Nice list". :)


Originally posted by aleclee
All I have to say is that very few of the amps listed under "Class A" actually operate in Class A.

Actually that's not all: "Nice list". :)

You sir are correct....There are only few True Class A amps. What I want to do is just separate those that really are vs. those targeted as Market Class A amps......I just used the information given by the builder. If you can point out which is the Marketed one I'll make a note of it and put Market right next to the amp...

Thanks again for your reply and for the help.......
Originally posted by pureoldsound
I know this looks insane,

It does. Impressive, but slightly nutty.

Eventually what you might want is a little database with all the various amps in there. I'm thinking along the lines of Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org) - where people can come and put all this information in one place and everyone can just browse it.

And there's always going to be odd bits that no one person can get all of. For example there is a "Class A" Rivera M100. It was a prototype for a Will Ray model that never went to production. You can see preproduction ideas here (http://www.rivera.com/prod_msseries.htm)

Will is currently working closely with Rivera on developing a signature model amp! Still in it's development phase, the new Will Ray Signature model will be a single-channel "Class A" (for it's smoother tonal characteristics, Will states) 80-watt combo utilizing a 12" EV or Celestion speaker. The channel's voicing will be similar to that of Rivera's famed "Channel 2", as found on many Rivera models, and will also facilitate a Parametric EQ for fine-tuning one's tone and/or to help eliminate possible feedback problems usually experienced with hollowbodies. Other unique features includes Reverb with knobs to adjust decay time as well as mix levels, and a first class Tremolo built right in! Truly an amp designed to conquer the land of Twangdom and beyond. Keep watching the Rivera site for more details about this exciting new amp as they are made available!

Well the prototype is a little different. But it has the Class A power stage. I don't know a lot of things about this amp but I did talk to the guy that built it so I know it's the actual thing.


Originally posted by splatt
my favorite vht amps are missing:

pittbull 45 (el84's, class A or A/B)
super30 (el84's, class A/B)

dt / spltrcl

Thanks for the info Splatt. I read about the Pittbull although there were no specifics for it and I did not want to make assumptions. The information has been updated though. About the Class A I thought that it was a mode (for the pittbull) and didn't know if that made it a true class A amp.....

Thanks for the info again, and thank for looking....If you see anuthing else that needs to be corrected let me know......


Originally posted by splatt
i may be wrong, but:
i very much doubt that mssr. fryette would call it class 'A' if it weren't specifically that; i'm relatively sure that the 45 is cathode-biased in either choice of class.

dt / spltrcl

You have a point......:D

Dave LaP

Great list. Thanks. You are fast becoming the unofficial librarian of TGP.

Another addition: London by 65 Amps. Class A-as the term is generally bandied about. They aren't marketed that way however. I'm just going by information from Stu at Fatsound and my ears, of course. :)


Originally posted by Dave LaP
Great list. Thanks. You are fast becoming the unofficial librarian of TGP.

Another addition: London by 65 Amps. Class A-as the term is generally bandied about. They aren't marketed that way however. I'm just going by information from Stu at Fatsound and my ears, of course. :)

Hahahahaha....Thanks for the info Dave ....................:D


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Sweet! Thanks for all of the effort - very useful information!

Dave Orban

Platinum Supporting Member
GREAT list...! :dude

Of course, this is kind like poison for us ampoholics... LOL!


Originally posted by Dave Orban
GREAT list...! :dude

Of course, this is kind like poison for us ampoholics... LOL!

Yes it is, after reading all these websites I wanted about 30 amps:eek: now I have terrible GAS....Starting with the new Fuchs..

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