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Looking for device to bring on vacation


Silver Supporting Member
Hi there,
I normally don't take gear on a week long vacation, but I have a gig of new tunes that I need to work on. I basically need to be able to wear headphones, listen to a spotify playlist, and practice along. The only headphone thing I have is a ZT lunchbox. I also have a Samsung S6, and a Macbook. Can someone smarter than me point out the best way to get this set up?



I use a Boss Micro BR-80. It does everything, and records multitrack, amp and guitar effects, pitch and time altering of imported songs, etc. just import any music into it or use its own programmable drum machine. You won't need the MacBook. It's a bit pricey, but the ideal solution.


Student of Life
Gold Supporting Member
I sometimes take my zoom G3 on work trips. Sounds good on phones and has looper and drum machine built in. Works great.


With you S6 and Lunchbox you are covered. Just run the headphone out from the S6 to the Aux in on back of the LunchBox.


Gold Supporting Member
Suggestion #1
Vox AmPlug. There's a line in, so you can run from the headphone jack on either your phone or your macbook into the AmPlug; the AmPlug plugs directly into your guitar, and there's a headphone jack. It costs $30 and is small enough to fit in your pocket

Suggestion #2
iRig. Pick up one of the little iRig AI's; it's also super small, and it will let you plug into your computer to use it as an amp. There is tons of really good free software out there you can use for guitar tones including a free version of AmpliTube, a free version of Guitar Rig, Ignite Amps, LePou, and a bunch of others. The iRig is about $90 I think so I bit more expensive, but also means the only extra thing you need to bring with you is small enough to fit in your pocket.

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