Looking for fuzz (using Humbuckers and SC with cleanish amp)


I currently use a DAM Drag'n'Fly (germ/si hybrid) with my Two-Rock Studio Pro 22. It works quite well for me but am looking for some other Classic Rock fuzz flavors. Not really into spitty, velcro or 'wall of fuzz' sounds though. Must work well with both humbuckers and single coils, not lose definition on bass strings and generally stay pretty tight playing single notes.

With my Strat I use the volume knob to control the amount of fuzz, and with HB equipped guitars I prefer it stacked with OD to smooth things out a bit and keep the fuzz under control.

The only other fuzz I've tried is a Himmelstrutz Gramps+ that I found too modern sounding and not very organic, and a V8V Buzzaround which had too much gain for my taste.

Any suggestions welcome and appreciated :) Perhaps something that walks the line between fuzz and distortion?

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