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Looking for mix advice!


Hey guys,

My blues/motown/soul band just finished recording a demo for the purpose of getting gigs around town, etc... When we started things off our bass player told us that his brother had a studio that we could record in and that this brother could mix our demo... long story short, the studio was actually a basement, the gear was less than great and the guy didn't know how to use any of his gear and after he recorded all of our songs he ended up asking me to do the mixing. I have NEVER done this before. I have college training in live sound, so I know some basics about EQs and compressors (which is why I got saddled with the job), but I have never worked with recordings.

So I'm looking for some insight on my rough mixes. Because it is a demo, we are trying to have a fairly "live" feel to things and the tracks were all single takes, so they aren't flawless performances.

All of our songs are at www.soulmedix.com. There are 5 songs (we'll probably only stick 3 on this discs we hand out). They automatically play/stream on the main page, but you can click "download" to download them in a higher quality Mp3 version.

Thanks in advance!



Good band, nice vocal but recording does not do the justice.
To much overall reverb and bit to much bass, not surprising – engineer is a bassist’s brother.:Spank


I think you did a pretty good job mixing it. I think you could have used some more overall limiting to get it more toward the "wall of sound" of the day! I didn't hear the "too much reverb" complaint. Also, I would have kept the harmony vocals on the Stevie tune panned down the middle.. or just on either side of the lead instead of hard left and right, for more fullness.

my 2 cents


Silver Supporting Member
the overall recording quality is good but there are a few things you definitely need to remix. the guitar tone is really good but the guitar needs to come up and the sound needs to be more "present" especially since there are no keyboards. the guitar definitely needs to come up big time on pride and joy. also, i would not pan the guitar hard right on sweet home chicago (set it around 2:00 and it will be fine). the bass needs to come WAY down on rt. 66- it's the loudest thing in the mix. so, overall guitar level should come up and don't pan it hard right, bass can come down a tad and i think you're good to go.

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