looking for my "guy" in toledo


people in the toledo, ohio, area:

who do you take your guitars to for a set-up and repair work?




Go the extra few miles and take your guitars to Mike Koontz in Ferndale, MI. PM me if you'd like more info, etc

I get a fair amount of customers from the Toledo - Bowling Green area, frequently referred from Peeler's so they must not have many local options either. It's a pretty dry area for good repair shops. I know they also send some work to another shop in Berkley, MI, which is about 30-45 minutes further than Ann Arbor. Koontz certainly runs a good shop as well, as of course does Tom Pellerito though I don't know if he's taking many new customers right now.


Great question... just moved to this area. Do the above handle amplifier repairs/mods? Or other ideas for amps?


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Message Greazygeo on here, I take my stuff to him. He is in Findlay, worth the drive. He owns a shop there Guitar Ranch.
I just dropped off a big $ guitar last night to him.

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