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Looking for my next acoustic


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Eastman’s are great bought 2 422ce’s Music and Arts models solid spruce rosewood ebony boards for an astounding low price because they were floor models and they were blowing them out Great guitars period. Sold my Taylor 314ce because the Eastmans just sounded better and I hated the expression System.
Those lower level Guilds are rather sweet for the money. Going with used you could easily score a D25 or even something fancier that would smoke most guitars for the kind of money.
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My first Martin was/is a Grand Performance DX series. Great tone for what it is but a bit boomy cause of the bigger body....I’m very partial to Martin’s tones and playability when set up correctly. I found this 000 Auditorium Cutaway 16 series. All solid Rosewood Spruce ect. Came from Chris Guitars, Albany NY....used $1050.. he has another in stock as well.. perfectly balanced tones and size. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time....View media item 159064View media item 157323Just a suggestion


You could look at the Yamaha A3M. Dreadnaught with Hog back/sides. Also have a concert style (AC) and a rosewood version (AC3R, AC3M, A3M, A3R).

Mr Fingers

As usual, many of the posts do not speak to the OP's criteria: warmer, louder. I think the Eastman mentioned is a good choice for these purposes. Taylors -- no. Who thinks of Taylors as warm? They're fizzy and bright. Martins? Mostly no, but it depends on the model. A Mahogany top is unlikely to give you good volume except as an exception. Old Gibsons are exactly what you describe, but the good ones are too expensive now, and the mediocre ones (most of them) are pretty dead. The new Taylor Grand Pacific models -- a new direction for Taylor -- are right on spec for you, but cost a fortune. I don't like the fact that Eastmans are made in China -- the irony of a classic American instrument being made half a world away makes my head spin -- but I think it's your best options. All the other makes, such as Alvarez, Yamaha, etc., are not, IMO, all that good, period, compared to Martin and Taylor and Eastman. You might find a used D18 that isn't too mid-scooped.


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You cannot go wrong with an Eastman E10-OM or an E20-OM.
I've owned a dozen Eastman acoustics over the years and all but two were amazing guitars and the two that weren't were still good just not up to par with the rest.
I will never sell my E20OM as it's a special guitar that sounds and plays beautifully.
Check out my Youtube page in my signature for a few E20-OM videos.


After a couple years of being obsessed with electric guitars and amps, I’ve been playing more acoustic lately and would like a new guitar. I currently have a Martin Custom X series that I think is a 000 body style (maybe 00) with mahogany laminate sides and back and Sitka top. It’s bright but nice.

I’d like a new guitar with a warmer, fuller sound, and louder. I’ve played a few and will keep trying more, but want some advice on what I should focus on. The array of options is overwhelming.

For preference, I’m mostly flat picking, playing various acoustic rock and folk songs, often unplugged but occasionally plugged in for gigs, open mics etc.

Should I stick with Dreadnoughts? Or would other shapes, like Grand Auditorium, give me what I’m looking for?

What tonewoods should I look at? I’ve liked a couple I’ve tried that have mahogany back and sides. Should I stick with mahogany?

I have no real brand preferences so I’m looking at Martin, TAylor, Eeastman, Takamine, Seagull...you name it!


Just wondering - did you find something yet? Can we expect a NGD post soon?


Yup, I got a Taylor 214e DLX Sunburst. I did post an NGD but it was a little lame because I can’t post pictures. Loving the guitar though!

Really nice guitar for the money. I played one the other day and loved it. I much prefered the non cutaway version over the cutaway version for tone.


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I gig solo with a couple of GA Taylors: A GA Custom Mahogany and a 414ce. Both are outstanding! The Mahogany is definitely warmer though. The 414ce cuts like a knife.

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