Looking for some advice on getting a bass.

I bought my first bass three years ago and went with a Fender Jazz.

As a guitar player, what appealed to me was the thin neck on the Jazz bass as well as having multiple pickups.
It was the perfect first bass for me.

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I've been playing guitar for about 35 years myself, and for the longest time I had a cheapo Ibanez bass that I used for home recording. About two years ago I finally decided to upgrade my bass and I got myself a G&L LB-100 Tribute model. It's pretty much a streamlined P bass, but the neck is a little thinner and just feels a little more comfortable to play. Tone is nice. Solid bass for sure. I paid $499 for it new.
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Play as many basses as you can in order to learn what you like. Neck shape, scale length, pickups, amount of strings are major factors for me, anyway.

I'm the same way, home recording studio in need of bass tracks... I have three basses for different sounds:

Hofner Violin Bass
Samick Precision Bass w/ Kahler Trem
Schecter C5-GT (tuned to EBEAD)

This covers all of my needs. Until I heard seven string bass...


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