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I've been in constant search for the ultimate tone machine and it seems to be elluding me. . .
I'm primarily a single coil and P90 kind of player. I've gravitated towards lower wattage amps over the years, due to their portability and my reluctance to lug 50 pound amps around. My band does a few gigs a year but we also record a fair bit. We're a rock band but we'll venture into more acoustic shows.
My other guitar player has appropriated my Laney VC30 and my Koch Studiotone 20. I've got a real 68 Deluxe Reverb (all stock except for a Cannabis speaker) and a Swart AST, but I am finding both them turned down to just over 8 o'clock when we rehearse.
My favourite combination right now is my Valvetrain Lexington through two 12s but that is cumbersome.
I want something that sits in between my Valvetrain and my Deluxe Reverb so I can push the amp in rehearsals a bit. I've tried a Princeton 68 RI but it was a little thin. I had an AC15 for awhile too, but it ended up too shrill for my taste. I am looking for suggestions in the 12 Watt range that might fit the bill. There is absolutely no market for anything other than the usual suspects in my hometowm (Fender, Marshall, Vox, etc.) so whatever I buy, I'm buying without playing.
I know there have been posts like this before, but now that the 5 watt amp craze seems to have settled down a bit, I am wondering if there are others like me who are looking for something in the 10 to 15 watt area, but are also wanting portablity and a full sound.

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