Looking to pick up an amp in the 500 - 700 range. Coverband content

Coverband amp for 500 -700

  • JCM900 head or combo

  • Fender Super Sonic 60w head and cab

  • Hughes and Kettner Switchblade head

  • Other??

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I recently unloaded my Roadster head and am looking to replace with an affordable amp to cover Classic, Modern rock as well as Modern Pop music.

I loved the Roadsters flexibility and Ch3 and 4 in particular, but couldn't really bond with Ch1 and 2. If I could have dialed in a better Marshall crunch I think I would have been just fine.

Anyhow I was considering going back to a JCM900 50w head like I've used in the past. I've had three of these over the years in both 50w and 100w versions as well as a 2x12 combo. Although some people trash the 900's, I think they are quiet versatile, affordable, available and overall a decent amp.

I'm also considering a Fender Super Sonic 60w head. I've never played the 60w, just a 22w combo. From what people tell me the 60w is a different animal altogether. I would also consider buying the SS 2x12 cab to go along with the head if I liked it. Currently I have a Marshall 1936 2x12 w/G12T75 and WGS V30. The Super Sonic cab seems to be well built and has V30's and looks way cool.

Another option I was thinking about was a Hughes and Kettner Switchblade 100w head. I liked some of the demos I've heard and my local Guitar Center has one for 679.00 that I'm sure I can get for cheaper.
Remember this is for a coverband situation

Any thoughts on those choices or other amps I should be looking at?


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