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Looking to re-tube my Super Sonic 22. Recommendations needed..

Durango Kid

I have about 2.5 - 3 years on my SS 22. Despite the hiss that mine does have, I have decided that this is a good staple for me to keep long-term. Great sound, versatile, manageable size for where I play and I really don't mind a gigging/rehearsal amp that 'breaths' a little. Considering the time on the amp and the fact that I am committed to it, I figured I would just go ahead and do a complete set, not just the power tubes.

So, I went over to Euro Tubes and looked at their packaged 'suggestions' for this amp. (Wish I could grab a link to the specific page, but I cannot). The difference between their 'Premium' package and their 'Vintage' package is substantial. I'm looking at $130 vs. $360. I want to get some opinions on the different options.

1. Power Tubes-
TAD 6V6 GT-STR vs. JAN-Phillips 6V6 GT-
I want the breakup to be as close to a Tweed/Deluxe as possible but I also need these to be durable. I do move my amp quite a bit.

2. Pre-Amp
Tung-Sol 12AX7 vs JAN-GE 12AX7 WA
The warmest tone for clean to moderate gain is my first priority, followed by low-noice. I would like to quiet the hiss down a little if possible.

Is it worth the $5 to get Matched-Triodes for these, either way?

3. JJAN-Phillips 12AT7WC's are spec'ed in both kits for Reverb/PI. I have one of these driving Reverb now and it has taken care of the dreaded 'Reverb hum' that this amp did have out of the box so these will be fine.

I appreciate any advice or user experience you can offer on these options.



Senior Member
Get some Tung-Sols, for whatever reason, I like them more.

and get a Vintage 30, that is my preferred upgrade,
truth is there are many good speaker upgrades.

A good speaker will affect tone more than splitting hairs on 12AX7's, but get them Tung-Sols lol.

Durango Kid

Already settled on a speaker. Ran a Texas Heat in it for about a year and have had a Canabis Rex in it for the last 9 months. Think I'll be sticking with it..

Appreciate to the vote for Tung Sols..


Well to me durability is usually one of the pluses of the nos tubes. The jan 6v6 where military rated ruff duty tubes to begin with. They really did build them better back then. IMHO

Warm, med gain is not what I associate with Tungsol or the GE, bright and aggressive midrange is their realm. In new production TAD 7025wa is exactly as you describe, warm, slightly lower gain and very, very quiet.

King of Fendery warmth is RCA though to me. KCA has ANOS RCA 12ax7a (spiral wound filaments, quiet) for $48. Put that in v1 (the most important tube position) and follow it with 2 of the TAD 7025. KCA has also been pushing his Svetlana 12ax7 as a very close to old school RCA tone in a new production tube. They would be great as v2-3 I'd bet.

Sure if you contacted him on his website he could put together a nice package, his knowledge is a bottomless resource.


I also have a 22 with a C-Rex.

Power tubes:

most "tweed deluxe like"- Tung Sol. The JJs are more durable, but they are a littler "harder", especially in the bass, and a little "cleaner", to my ears. I have 2 sets of each, and went back and forth with them in my 22.

matched triodes: unnecessary in preamp slots, some people say they like matched triodes better in PI slots.

Good choice on the NOS AT7. While I haven't had a current production AT7 fail, NOS is always better than new in an AT7.

Blue Strat

I thought Eurotubes only carried JJs. :huh

The only noisy tubes are tubes with problems. No brands of 12AX7s are noisy unless you get a bad tube. That's not to say that the amp, itself, isn't generating noise. They all do to some degree...more so in "high gain" channels.

A GREAT 12AT7 is the NOS Mullard Cv4024. It may be the last 12AT7 you ever need.

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