Loop for Occasional Pedal (insert loop)

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    Feb 11, 2008
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    I've never used a true bypass looper, a/b box, input/output box, etc. Always just plugged into the first pedal and out the last.

    I've been doing a little work on my pedalboard and am contemplating moving to a new size and was recently watching a Josh Smith pedalboard video where he mentioned he had an insert loop about halfway through his chain where he could throw in a wah, volume pedal, compressor or some other pedal that doesn't necessitate always being on the board.

    What an idea! Maybe I'm just an idiot, but I've never read of anyone using a true bypass looper for the occasional pedal. Is it as simple as just wiring in a 1 loop box wherever you want it in your chain and then when you need it just plugging something in?

    I actually think this is perfect for my wah. I don't use it very often, so the idea of not lugging it around on my pedalboard all the time, but still having easy access to plug something in is intriguing. I know you could just plug it in upfront, but, like Josh says in the video, sometimes I like the wah after some dirt.

    Anyone else do this on their board? If for no other reason then being able to just simply plug in a new pedal from time to time without completely rearranging everything.
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    Jan 21, 2005
    Yep. Leave them plugged in. Even easier.

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