Looper fit for the job?


So I'm finally reaching the end of my GAS skint (let's hope) and I'm looking at a nice looper to hook everything up. Now my biggest want is to direct the signal back and forth, so that it could go;

Bass ---> looper ---> fuzz/distortion ---> modulation ---> looper ---> amp


Bass ---> looper ---> modulation ---> fuzz/distortion ---> looper ---> amp

Main reason is so that i could add distortion to my delay or reverb. It would be nice if I could run it to include a continuous looper of the same idea which runs delay back into delay and so forth.

MIDI compatible as that's the way my pedal board is heading.

Now is any of this possible on a looper (gigrigs maybe suitable) or am I going to have a small collection of LS-2s to create such a circuit?

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