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Loopmaster Clean/Dirty + Extra Loop - Almost Here!


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My Loopmaster clean/dirty switcher with an extra loop should be here soon. Was thinking:

Loop 1 (clean): compressor > boost > chorus

Loop 2 (gain): phaser > OD > maybe more OD/dist

Loop 3: tremolo

I have also have an analog/slap back delay I'll use along with a volume boost for leads, in yet another loop.

Also thought about putting all mod pedals into Loop 3 of the Loopmaster unit. Any other thoughts/opinions? My tremolo is TB so it seems kinda silly to put a TB pedal into a TB loop, but that's about all I got. (Unless of course I buy a flanger.. Must resist GAS...)

Thanks in advance for helping with this latest round of paralysis by analysis.



I'm ordering one this week. I already have a LoopMaster clean/dirty switcher that has my compressor in one loop (I always have the comp on for clean sounds), and my ODs and fuzzes in the second loop. I'm going to get an ABC model that will let me have the ODs and fuzzes in a loop of their own. Can't wait to be able to switch from clean to dirt to fuzz with just two foot taps! Eric Johnson style! ;)

And it's NOT actually pointless to put TB pedals in a TB loop, IMHO. Getting any pedals out of your signal chain when not in use leads to less signal loss in my experience. Think of it this way: say you have 3 mod pedals in a loop, all of which are true bypass. If you can switch these out of your signal chain when you aren't using them, you can cut out maybe 2 to 2.5 ft. (give or take) of cable. Every inch counts, IMO. Unless you're using active pickups, or a buffer at the start of your signal chain, the shortest path to your amp is best!


Fuzzy Guitars
I use a clean/dirty looper with an extra loop, a master bypass and a tuner out...it has made my pedal board SO much easier to use!

I use it to switch between dirt pedals (right now a Beano Boost and a King of Tone) and fuzz boxes (rigth now an AnalogMan Fuzz Face)...I don't like to stack them so I can switch between them with one stomp. I use the extra loop for a SOLO boost and I can have it all on and switch it all off wiht the master bypass...

Made life REAL easy for me!


the clean/dirty with loop and tuner out is my mission control. glad to hear some others realize its powers.


I have OD's in both loops so I can select back and forth with one stomp.... I also had a switch added which combines or "stacks" the two pedals and overrides the select switch when engaged. Bypass switch included...


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I ordered a vertical Clean Dirty switcher with LEDs.

I plan on using it to switch between OD and fuzz.

Mine is in the waiting to be shipped phase. There has been great communication all the way through the waiting process.

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