Loose neck


Today I have received a replacement neck for my guitar. But after fitting the neck, I realise that I could fit in a paper folded twice in between the neck and the pocket by the side. I would suppose this means 4 pieces of normal paper thickness worth of looseness.

I guess my only option is to shim the neck by it's side? Would that affect the performance of the guitar significantly?



In my experience, the side-to-side fit of a neck is not of great importance. The mating surfaces on the bottom of the neck pocket (where the exit holes are, not the side next to the neck pickup) and the back of the neck are where the tone and the strength of the joint live! I've handled a lot of instruments that work better than fine in spite of bigger gaps than yours between the sides of the pocket and neck .

Get the back of the neck where it lies against the neck pocket perfectly flat, and (especially) the bottom of the neck pocket. Chamfer the exit and entrance holes so you don't get wood swelling up under the pressure caused by the screws and interfering with the coupling of the two parts.

The gap you're talking about is unsightly but usually no worse than that.


I recently replaced the Fender neck on my MIM Strat with a Warmoth neck. At first I also worried about the gap on the sides of the neck pocket with the new neck fitted (.002" on one side and .015" on the other). However, sustain is better now than it was with the original, tighter fitting neck. Go figure :D

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