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Loose Tube Sockets


Gold Supporting Member
Hey All,

Is there any way to tighten the receptacle pins in the tube sockets? I have a couple of sockets with pins so loose that if weren't for the retainer they would fall right out! This can't be good.

Cheers, Mike


The short answer is --- yes. But....

there can be 500+ DC volts stored in filter capacitors connected to pins on the tube sockets and unless you know how to discharge this voltage and prevent it from shocking you during the process, you probably ought to leave this to a tech (like me, in Roseville, CA for example <G>).

That said, you can use a small pointed or very small bladed screw driver to, gently, compress the sides of the metal retainers in the pin sockets (after having discharged the caps and taking precautions to make sure they remain discharged, they can recharge on there own even when not connected to power!). You have to walk a line between getting the retainers tight enough to make good contact with the tube pins, but no so tight they you cause problems when you try to re-insert the tubes in the sockets.

Be careful! and good luck...


Walt is 100% correct. The other option is to just replace the things altogether. Its more expensive and time consuming, but the end result probably has better longevity.


I recently tightened the 4 output sockets on a 72 Twin with good results... Walt is right.. the trick is to get the tension just right - not too loose, not too tight.

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