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Loss of highs with my Hamer Artist Custom when rolling down the volume ?


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Hi all.
I have had this wonderful Hamer Artist Custom for almost two years now.
Great guitar, no doubt, loaded with Seth Lovers pickups.
The only thing that bothers me is that when you lower the volume on the bridge pickup, there's a noticeable loss of highs.
Do you think that this could be addressed by some component change in the wiring , a cap or something of the sort ?
Maybe some of you have experienced this with their Hamers as well, and have found the cure, so if you could be kind enough to share your magic recipes :)

Thanks in advance for the replies ( I hope !).


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There's a simple mod you can do to the volume control to keep it from doing that. Lots of folks don't like the mod because they think it end up sounding like the tone is getting brighter when they turn the volume down. I can't remember the specifics, but if you do a search on treble bleed mod on the Seymour Duncan forum, you should be able to get a schematic as well as suggestions on which cap values might work best for your guitar.

EDIT: This website has schematics for the mod as well as a good description of what it does:



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Yes, put a .001 PFceramic cap across both lugs of your volume control...I've done it to all my guitars....It's a great rhythum sound when turned down as well...works espiecally well with humbuckers...the caps can be purchased from Radio Shack...if they don't have them, they can special order them...takes 4 days...they cost about $2.25 for 2


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Thanks a lot for the answers guys.
Atquinn, not sure if I can use those schematics in your link, as the wiring seems different in the Hamer. I'll check though.


I'd also note that Hamer uses custom taper pots, which have a little more kick from 8-10, so it's likely the drop off in highs is quicker too.

in any case, the treble mod should fix it

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