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LOUD~1976'CHAMP-Modded-12" weber AlNiCo- Tweed Mods!


Weber "Tweedifying" Champ Mods

I took apart my 1976 Champ that just was nothing to brag about at all.
I did the "Tweedifying" Champ mods from Weber's site - doing just the ones that added more VOLUME/Gain - I skipped the last few mods that tamed it back down and gave it this Browner sound they claim.. -

Next I added a 12" Weber Classic Alnico 12A150-4

and a GZ34 Rectifier Tube.

the speaker and the tube gave me all the Brown sound I could hope for and I keept the LOUD Volume and killer gain that way..

I used a empty Blues Jr. Cab for the 12" Weber Speaker and then I mounted the Champ's Chassis
upside down right on top of the Blues Jr.
- Looks like Sanford and Son made it.. but its just for home use.

this amp is LOUD and has tone to the bone - that blows away my, Thunderbolt, Harmony H415 -Harmony H525 that I think are all for sale now because they just don't have what this has....

Theres allot to be said for modding these Fender amps,
maybe I try some mods on the Deluxe Reverb --If I can find some.




Gold Supporting Member
Allen amps has a nice 10 and 12" cab for the champ.

The link posted does not work, I am just curious to check it out. I have a '66 BF champ with a Weber 8A125 speaker that I really like and electronically its stock....


Silver Supporting Member
yeah i take it you got rid of the tone controls, swapped a poer resistor and got rid of the negative feedback loop???
i did it to my SFVC and put a big weber ceramic innit
i was LOUD and crunchy but not brown
i also went with a 5u4 for a tighter low end (i call this the jessica alba mod)

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