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Loud whining noise via Badgerplex > Superdelay


It's a high-pitched whining noise that I've isolated to these two pedals. When the Badgerplex Pre is off, the SD is perfect. When The Pre is on and the SD off, perfect. When both are on the noise is there and things are not perfect.
Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a solution besides not using them together. They're both wonderful pedals and are among my very favorite but I can't use them together. Any help?! Suggestions?
Thanks in advance,


Silver Supporting Member
Yep I've had that before.

Two solutions worked for me:

1. Place a boost or and always on pedal in between the two.

2. Don't play the SD on Tape mode. I know this defeats the purpose of having the SD.

I've had this issue with both the Badger and a four banger. Now I have a T1M buffer and no whine. The Badger is great though amd would love to have another some day.

Hope this helps.



i'm just now realizing that my T1M mini-buffer might be making a high pitch noise. it's always there, and since my buffered pedals are my Timeline and Space... what's the deal?

should i look for a different buffer?
anyone else have this issue?

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