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Lovepedal Hermida SNS Appreciation Thread Part Deux--The Ham Sammich Lives!

Paul Conway

Klone > Tubescreamer? That's interesting to me as the TS is almost the universal push pedal, to me. That said, they are super similar with the Klon being basically a re-designed tubescreamer.

The Valve Reamer is TS-ish. It's made to be a TS/SD-1 "bridge" and would probably sound good with a Klone pushing it, but it's going to be somewhat different from a straight TS.
It's a lot brighter than a TS9 and has a shedload more gain.

I've grown to like it. It stacks well with an EP-3 style Preamp.


Gold Supporting Member
Not to get too off topic, but I use the TS as the "main" solo sound, and when things heat up, I'll kick the Klon on to beef it all up even more and add sustaaaain. Maybe the Dover Drive I just bought will give me some more versatility...

You will get sustain. I had sold my standard Dover Drive in favor of the Germanium version he made a few of pre-covid, but went back to the well to add the NOS back. The Dover Drive is a great solo pedal and has great timbre and sustain.


I LOVE the clean boost side of the 200# it just adds the slightest bit of hair….
OD11 is, I believe the best transparent OD out there.
Like some said, I have been using amp gain pretty exclusively since selling several amps and replacing them. I am using the LP dirt for flavoring though….and for eq purposes.
I guess I should order a Champ. I have never had one of those.

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