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Sold Lovepedal Jubilee and Grey Ghost, Analogman BD2


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Got a couple pedals up for grabs. Looking to sell or trade for other gear. Pretty open on trades but will list some specifics at the bottom. I have loads of feedback on reverb if you need references. Prices do not include shipping. Can send pics via email. Can +/- $ as needed or may have other gear to throw in.

Lovepedal Jubilee- Pending Trade , comes with box. Amazing shape. Andertons recently did a great video
Lovepedal Super Six Grey Ghost- Sold. Also excellent shape with box
Analogman modded Boss Blues Driver BD2, Pending Trade, excellent shape with box

Interested in:
Rockett blue note(original blue one with switch)
Death by audio apocalypse
BAT sarcophagus
Friedman Be OD
Mxr EVH 5150(possible trade already)
Lovepedal Kalamazoo(silver or gold)
Earthquaker Bit Commander
Weehbo Dumbledore(pending trade)
Basic audio gnarly fuzz or gypsy
Boss dd500
Strymon stuff
Jhs bun runner
Awesome fuzz pedals
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