Sold Lovepedal Vibronaut 5K

Discussion in 'Pedal Effects Gear Emporium Archive' started by ChampReverb, Dec 6, 2016.

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    Mar 13, 2007
    Slightly west of Boston
    USA lower 48 sales only. Prices include USPS shipping. I will send you the USPS tracking number when the pedal ships.

    From a clean, pet-hair-free, smoke-free home. Great pedals, used very lightly, but just not the flavors I'm looking for right now.

    +++++++++ ( Pix down below ) +++++++++

    Mad Professor Tiny Orange Phaser (HW) -> $199 -> SOLD!
    (box, feet, neat velcro, excellent condition)
    Mix @ noon is dry, "Mix < left" is deeper phaser, "Mix > right" gets lighter vibier phaser

    Lovepedal Vibronaut (5 Knob) -> $179 -> SOLD!
    (box, feet, neat velcro over painters tape, excellent condition)
    Great vibe, just don't use it often enough to keep it.

    Keeley VibeOverb (Modulated Reverbs) -> $99 -> SOLD!
    (box, bag, no velcro, excellent condition)
    Nice ambient reverbs (reverb modulation modes: Harmonic Trem, Vibrato, Phaser)


    Trade interests might include:
    Timmy v2 ** Ramble Fx Twin Bender v3 ** Drybell Vibe Machine v2 (2016) ** Strymon El Capistan v2 ** Lumpy's Brilliance Boost (2015 version) ** Lumpy's Jelly Roll (2011-ish) ** ** Rockett Blue Note ** Or...???

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