Low Power Push-Pull Amps?


I'm interested in getting a low power amp for home use (the proverbial bedroom amp so I don't disturb the neighbors and for jamming with buddies). I've been doing plenty of on-line detective work on power scaled amps and regular low power amps and have some excellent candidates (Badger, MiniPlex II, GT20, Coyote, London Aurora, Mercury, SpaceTone, etc.). These all are Class A, which is to be expected.

I know the technical reason why Class A is used for low power amps, but it got me to thinking if there are any low power amps that are push-pull (that's the engineer in me taking over :)). I know I can get p-p amps of larger power that have power scaling which would get me down to the volume levels I'm seeking, but that's not what I'm asking. So, do you know of any low power p-p amps?



If you're asking for low-powered push-pull amp recommendations desigated "class A", I will first say that "class A" in the way most makers designate their amps doesn't neccessarily mean single-ended or parallel at all - it mainly just indicates cathode-bias. Sure - many "class A" amps are single-ended but there just as many (probably more) cathode-bias push-pull amps out there. So, the "engineer in you" should be aware of that first.

In general you won't find a push-pull tube amp under 12-15 watts (too loud to really open up at home), as push-pull neccessitates two power tubes and boosts power compared to similar tube single-ended or parallel designs. If you have no problem with power scaling, what's the issue really -it's a great sounding technology. Thought I'd start there.


You could always make your own. Go over to www.ax84.com - in the power amp section, there's a 2W Push/Pull using a 6SN7 tube. Couple that with the type of preamp you like & you'll get a real sweet sounding amp at low power. I built a "Blues" Preamp/2W PP combo that souds great.



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Also look at London power. I have a Session amp that's rated at 10w, but can be power scaled back to fractions of a watt. That's the lowest rated PP amp I've ever seen. Some of the smaller tweed Fenders (Vibrolux) and the EL84 based Gibsons can be down around 12W with 2 6V6s or EL84s running fairly cool.

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