Low priced fuzz factory tone


I have looked at a lot of fuzz pedals and the one that has really stuck with me is the zvex fuzz factory. I love the crazy screaming sounds you can make with it and I just love the extreme crunchy fuzz it makes. I have played the big muff before and its tone was just too fat for me. Anyway I just wanted to know if there is a way I can get the same fuzz factory tone without the price. I have a very low budget and want to get it under 100 dollars. I have searched a lot for a used one at that price but it seems nobody sells them at that price. I anyone can tell me how I can get that sound for cheep or a good way to find low priced pedals that would be awesome.

Invisible Man

Fuzz Factories can be had for $100. I picked one up from GC used; keep an eye on it. Or look in the emporium.

Also, if you're handy with a soldering iron, they're a pretty simple build.


I just got one for $86 shipped off eBay. Was missing one screw but I've got plenty of those.

I did originally think mine had issues until learned how to tame it, well kinda.

Crazy CRAZY Fuzz for sure.

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