Sold LOXX/Schaller Nickel Strap Locks,Grover 135N/102C tuners,GraphTech Offset Saddles,CreamTone LP Parts


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Cleaning out the parts bin, most of this stuff is barely used on guitars I no longer have. I would prefer to ship multiples, I don't want to have to go to the post office 10 times. So if you just want one thing I may decide to pass, we'll see how it goes. All prices are PayPal'd and shipped.

LOXX Nickel Strap Locks - SOLD
Schaller Nickel Strap Locks - SOLD
GraphTech Offset Saddles - SOLD
Grover 102-18C - SOLD
Grover 135N - SOLD
CreamTone Les Paul parts - $30 (Bought these off of eBay new and I never used them. There's a small smudge on one of the pickup rings I can't get off, full disclosure. It's visible in the picture.)

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