FS Luke Audio AL-Y56 Tube Condenser Mic w/3 capsules

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    Mic is in mint condition. Hot-swappable capsules make this tube condenser mic extremely versatile - the three capsules emulate an AKG C-12 (bright and airy), a Neumann U-67 (more mid-range emphasis), and a U-47 (darker, huge low end). Made in USA, with proprietary, super-thin platinum-sputtered capsule membranes that provide great detail. Kit includes power supply, shockmount, microphone body with three capsules, wind screen, and cables. $800 + actual shipping costs. The case when boxed is fairly large, I estimate shipping will be $40-$60 depending on location.

    Manufacturers description:

    The AL-Y56 is a high-end, large diaphragm, tube condenser, “pop top” microphone with three distinctly voiced, interchangeable, hand built capsules. The extreme versatility of the Y56 with its 3, included, hot swappable capsules yields a microphone capable of your wildest dreams. It features a 6072a vacuum tube, 11.5:1 output transformer, 10dB pad, and only the finest hand selected components. From light and airy, to full and warm. The Y56 will supply you with the tonal characteristics you desire!



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