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m13 users: how do you have your "scenes" setup?


I found it easy to set up my scenes as follows ( I play in a cover band ):

Ballads/Jazz standards/blues/country/soul/mowtown - trems, chorus, rotary, vibrato, reverbs and delay ( probably on the subtle side ).

Rock/Pop/alternative - trems, chorus, some filters, delays, flanger, reverb, special effects

Dance/Disco/funk/electronica - rythmic delays, synth type patches, wah sounding auto filters, short slapback reverbs, special effects ( we play without keys at smaller clubs so the synthy stuff comes in handy ! )

Now keep in mind there is quite a bit of redundancy between the three " scenes " . Every scene has a short slapback echo and a thick subtle analogish delay for leads for instance. But for now this has kept my tap dancing to a mininum and get me through three sets.

We keep no set list and our lead singer calls the tunes depending on the mood of the room.......so i never know what might come up next.

I run an eternity/cot 50/200lb fuzz/kelley compressor in front of my amp and just keep the m13 with expression pedal in my amp loop......

my set up has never been easier or sounded better....
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