FS Mackie 1402VLZ4, GCX switcher, dbx 160A (US), Tascam SS-R200 (pics added)


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It's time to start listing the things I'm not currently utilizing. I'll be adding photos of course, my apologies, just needed to actually start putting things up as I had time. Feel free to PM me with any questions. Might add another item or two to this list. Prefer local pickup from the CT/NY/NJ area, but shipping option possible.

Mackie 1402 VLZ4 - $350
Excellent condition. Super useful, just don't have room for it. Moved to a single space rack mixer.

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Voodoo Labs GCX Switcher - $250
Excellent condition. Includes power supply and original manual. Comes in manufacturer box.

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dbx 160A (USA model) - $250
I haven't come across many USA-made 160A units. The vast majority were overseas production. This one is in very good shape, just some normal rash typical of its age on the top. But the front panel and bottom is very clean. Balanced and unbalanced in/outs.

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Tascam SS-R200 solid state recorder - $250
Also very good shape - a bit of top rash, clean front. Balanced XLR in/out, unbalanced RCA in/out, digital coax in/out. Worked great with my 128GB USB flash drive.

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