Sold Mad Mojo Electronics Mercury Overdriver Overdrive

Discussion in 'Pedal Effects Gear Emporium Archive' started by wreckmark, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. wreckmark

    wreckmark Supporting Member

    May 28, 2011
    Upstate South Carolina
    Here is a sweet little Overdrive. I have way to many pedals and just bought 2 new CS, need to clean out the OD drawer.

    I bought this from Brandon, the builder (great guy that sells them on reverb for $215)
    Save BIG here for this one that has no velcro and never left the house.
    Comes in original box with all swag pictured.


    SOLD on

    Please checkout my other parts, pedals & guitars for sale.


    Here is more info from Vision Guitar site:

    "The Mercury Overdriver was created for one purpose, and one purpose only – to serve up some of the most pleasing, punchy, and harmonically rich overdrive tones this side of the galaxy (embrace the cheesiness, there will be more). With its straightforward Gain, Volume, and Tone controls, anything from a light touch of drive to heavy crunch can be dialed in with ease, with plenty of output volume to spare."
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