Mad Professor "1" pedal - EVH in a box? distortion + reverb together

Bobby D

aha - it's the Mad Professor 1 pedal. There were two limited edition pedals that were a GC exclusive, from what I know. The 1 pedal and the Golden Cello.

The "1" is designed to capture the early Van Halen 1 sorta sound. as any self-respecting EVH fan knows, we have on the records a gained up plexi marshall browned out with a variac, dry on the left side of the stereo field, and the reverb on the right, combined to make one big tone.

What some people don't get (and especially didn't get in the 80s) is that the early EVH sound does not have tons of gain. it's a nice brown sound, being pushed by his very powerful right hand technique and fluid left hand technique. So there is a certain part of his sound that is fingers and not gear.

The "1" pedal gets a close approximation to that sound with a combination of reverb and distortion - the reverb is much nicer sounding than the onboard reverb on my amp. And the "1" has tons of gain on tap. Honestly, to get the EVH sound as I remember it, I had to turn the brown (gain) knob all the way off to get the lower levels of gain like on VH1. crank it up to noon and you are in "Fair Warning" type territory. Crank it up even more and you are in Dokken/RATT style gain - which I dig - but may not be everyone's cup of tea.

considering I am playing a tele-style guitar into a vox amp, and this pedal does a pretty good job of getting that EVH/mid 80s LA rawk guitar tone. I would love to hear this pedal into a Fender Twin or something loud clean and tube...


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