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Made in England vs Made in China? Celestions


What's the story on Made in England vs Made in China? Celestions? I'm looking at a cab with a Greenback G12M that does not have a Made in ? anywhere on the label. Is there a way to determine where it was made. Thanks


I have a Chinese V30 model, and I was impressed - it is built great and everything. I didn't notice a notable difference between these and the UK ones.

I would be curious as to how to tell them apart though


its all good...got 2 English and 2 Chinese here at home and no difference..i think age of the speaker is what we all want and where the romantic dream stories evolve
If your G12-m has "Made in England" stamped into the plastic speaker back surround then its made in england.
FWIW, there is no difference between them, its cool to be able to say theyre English ones though ;]


With G12H's I am actually finding the Chinese version to be more consistant. I just received a dozen or so and didn't have a dud in the batch. Very little cone cry if any and pretty darn good right out of the box.



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I have seen some with a small sticker on them, PRC (peoples Republic of China)

I think they sound great, my only complaint, price - if they are made in China, why do they cost so much - seem to me they should sell for 1/4 what an English made one should sell for.

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