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Sold Magic Amplification Vibroprince White/Wheat Grill $1350 Shipped!


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Hi there,

2017 has arrived, and I have to move some stuff to achieve some financial goals for the new year. This amp is incredible, and I'm really not feeling great about selling it, but I do have 3 of Mike Moody's amps, so I'll still be alright!

Got this from him 2 years ago, and it has the 12" Weber, which is great when you're playing with a full band... sounds just a tad more full in that context. If you are looking at this, you probably already know that it's a spot on mid sixties Princeton Reverb, built just like the old ones. It has been with me on tons of sessions and gigs, and has been super dependable. The sound is there in spades, and the spring verb and tremolo is mesmerizing.

White and wheat combo, that comes with a D2F padded cover (an upcharge from Mike), and the fender style footswitch for verb & trem. Not looking for any trades.
$1350 shipped and PP'd in North America.

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