Making Open Back Into Closed Back????


So I have an Avatar 2 12" cab open back and was thinking of trying the tone of closed back. SO here are the questions...1) How would I do this the best possible way? 2) What would be the tonal difference? I have heard it will kill some boominess whish is perfect for me. 3) what materials would be best to do this? Thanks for the help.


IMO closed backs can get muddy. but if you wanna try it, its easy take a piece of pre-finished birch plywood cut it to the size of the back and screw it on. done...
(birch ply is commonly used in amps and pre-finished is nicer and more stable than un finished.)


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I have a Orange Tiny Terror combo that originally came as an open back cab. The guy I bought it from cut a piece of wood to fill the gap, and used velcro to mount it on to the cab, so you can pop it off anytime you want if you don't like the sound of the closed back. Great solution IMO. Some amps sounds better with open and some better with closed. If you are running several amps into you cab, the velcro option might give you more flexibility.


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I bet Avatar will sell you a full back or you can cut your own and put tolex on it. I got my 13ply baltic birch online.

As for the difference, I find in general that for vintage amps and more vintage tones I like an opened back cab, it just sounds more open and breaths better. I like the cleans better on an opened back cab. For heavier music and more punch, I like closed back cabs, which I typically run with my more modern amps.

Obviously you will have to try both to know what is right for you. But knowing your music tastes, guitar, amp used, and speakers in the cab may help people provide suggestions....

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Avatar sells a little "conversion" piece. It's only $15 plus $8 shipping. Tolexed in any color. Just go to their web site and click on the G212H Premeire. Scroll down just a little bit and there ya go!

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