Malekko 616 like a DMM?


yes, can the 616, with it's modulation get kinda somewhere in the realm of the EH DMM? seems like it could. i'm looking for a small box analog delay that does the DMM thing, with modulation of course...already tried the Carbon Copy, didn't bond with it...616 seems like a contender and the price is nice...yes?


The modulation is pretty extreme on the 616 not like the very subtle mod that you get on a DMM.

chart #3

Frankly they don't sound the same... There's something to the DMM, maybe the edge of the repeats, or something else, I don't know, it has a beautiful color that's part of its character. It doesn't sound so much like a straight analog delay, it's often described as in between an analog delay and a tape echo.
I wasn't very impressed with the 616 (true we all had very high expectations with all the time we had to wait) but I need to test it again... All I can say for sure is that it doesn't sound like a DMM (and neither do the Memory Boy & Toy, unfortunately). Which doesn't necessarily mean that you couldn't prefer the 616 over the DMM! Apples & oranges :dunno

But then maybe you meant something else with "doing the DMM thing". Then I guess it does (if you keep the modulation knobs down low)

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