Malekko Echo 600 Bright vs. Diamond Memory Lane


I already have a NOVA for the long delays but I'd like to add an analog one. These are my two options. I prefered the malekko for the size but I tested the memory lane and it sounded great. I was just wondering how bright is the malekko 600 bright and if they sound completely different. Anyone tested the two? Suggestions welcome...

p.s. It's a bit out of topic but yesterday I tested the NOVA and the DML side by side with a couople of friends. Honestly the Analogue simulation of the NOVA is highy respectable (better on lower octaves). Hope it helps somone.


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I can't speak for the Malekko, as I've yet to play one, but as nobody has answered, I'll just lend my two cents on the Memory Lane: great pedal, and my favorite analog delay. Very responsive to the way you play, takes a bit of getting used to. Some people don't care for it's sound, but in my humble opinion, it's very, very good.

Hope that helps a bit. :)


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My apologies to the OP, but maybe my long-winded explantion will help somebody pick out their next delay...

I tried a number of delays recently to add to my EH DMM. I love the DMM (or I did when it was working, need to get it repaired) and figured I'd try some analog and analog-voiced digital delays.

I bought (and sold!) all of the following delays:

SIB Mr Echo Plus
DLS EchoTap
TC Vintage Delay
Malekko E600 Bright
Diamond Memory Lane

I liked all of them really, but didn't feel the Mr Echo was in the same league as the others; the repeats were dark & chunky (for lack of a better word), and had a tendency to get in the way of the dry signal. Still, not bad considering the cost.

The DLS EchoTap was much nicer, sounded way clearer than the SIB, and I liked the tap function, but sonically it still wasn't quite there. It sounds like a very good digital delay, but there was no analog vibe that I could hear. I liked it best with the tone wide open, rolling the highs off just made it darker, not analog, there's a difference. Very good value, especially if you find one used.

My three favorites (and all quite different from each other) were the TC Vintage Delay, the Malekko and the Memory Lane.

Cutting to the chase, the TC Vintage Delay was probably my favorite of the bunch, helped me realize that maybe I really didn't need or want an additional analog delay. The main thing I liked was how silky smooth it sounded, just gorgeous. And although the super long delays are fun for noodling, in practicality I could live without two seconds of delay. But at the back of my mind I wondered if I might like the sound of a Nova Delay just as much as the Vintage Delay, and the Nova's programability & presets could be useful. And of course the Vintage Delay has no modulation, not really necessary considering I wanted something to compliment my DMM, but still, it would have been the icing on the cake.

But the OP's question was about the Malekko and the Memory Lane. To a great extent, both can produce those classic, somewhat 1950's retro-spacey, dubby analog repeats. The Malekko is the more simpler, straight-foward and retro-sounding (darker) of the two, the Memory Lane is a bit richer and hi-fi sounding and adds two key features (modulation and tap-temo).

I've always been a big fan of Daniel Lanois and the Memory Lane really evoked one of his signature sounds: processed, trippy and somehow organic at the same time (I mean that as a compliment). However, like many others have previously posted, I felt the ML's regeneration control was way too touchy. If pushed just a bit too far, the ML goes into feedback that can only be stopped by lowering the regeneration all the way to it's minimum setting. And, for a pedal, the ML is somewhat expensive, for the price I expected more straight-forward & predictable operation. Too bad, an otherwise beautiful pedal. I haven't tried the Memory Lane II, don't even know if it's released yet, hopefully the Diamond people ironed out the way the pedal goes into oscilliation.

The Malekko is more straight-forward than the Memory Lane to operate, the chief difference being there are no nasty surprises if you want to play around on the edge of oscilliation. The Malekko's sound was perhaps a bit more boxy or retro-sounding than the more high-fi and richer sound of the Memory Lane. But this is from memory, I recall they both produced very satisfying tone. The Malekko sounded great, I just didn't fall in love with it like I did with the Memory Lane. And although I appreciated the smaller size and straight-forward operation of the Malekko, I really missed the modulation of the Memory Lane, it adds a beautiful texture. And though I wasn't using the tap tempo on the ML, the Malekko's features seemed a bit spartan in comparison (although I never did try the expression pedal input, probably very cool). I've read that Malekko is coming out with an analog delay with modulation, it'll probably be killer.

So I'm currently without a working delay! I wanted to take a break from the pedal buying/trying/selling and focus more on playing bass, I'm having a gas. As far as my next delay, I'll wait to see how some of you early adopters feel the MXR Carbon Copy turns out. I'll probably get a Carbon and Nova and choose one. And to the OP, if you really feel the Nova comes close to copping the sound of the Memory Lane, adding another delay may be a bit redundant. But as my long-winded essay must show, I understand the urge (ok, compulsion) to try out new gear, it's always fun.


I have mem lane and it is my main delay
just lush brilliance and width and warmth
great with two amps, one dry the other wet

tried a malekko (may have been bright)
was thoroughly unimpressed
sound was ok, best when pushed to oscilating freakiness
but big prob was there was major noise coming from the box itself
wasn't power issues cos we tried batt as well
noise was in the sound of the delays themselves
also it markedly changed the dry sound of the guitar (for the worse), big no no in my book (though some people don't mind)
I was really excited to try one cos of the vibe around here and
was really let down
oh well its just a pedal :)

memory lane rocks
only thing that threatens it is a tape echo imo


i've had the bright 600 for about a month now

mine's dead quiet...and true it does slightly alter tone...

but pretty much everthing run thru my xtc's loop does that

only briefly played the i won't comment

i'm done looking for delays

Hiwatt Bob

i haven't played a memory lane--so i can't be helpful in terms of comparison. but i can assure you that the noise issue doesn't exist with my malekko e600bright. it also doesn't change the dry tone. i very happy with mine--but like i say, i haven't been able to compare it to the diamond.


Dunlop Carbon Copy is 600 and has modulation and they're $149. No tap tempo, but it's an analog and sits beneath your fundamentals so it doesn't have to be perfect. The memory lane is 550 isn't it. I ran into the end of the time faster than I expected to and I don't need a tap on an analog. Lastly, the Carbon Copy and the Malekko 600, are both tiny little mxr sized boxes. Great sound and compact!

I have a Carbon Copy, an SIB Echodrive, a Malekko 600 bright on the way, a DD-20 (which I hate), a DMM (too big and the polychorus self oscillates better)

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