Mallard (Zoot Horn Rollo)


I was so happy to see these...Mallard is always going to be overshadowed by the Beefheart legacy, but the band had its own thing going on.

ANYONE into early Little Feat needs to see these videos, too...a lot of parallels in their use of off-kilter rhythms and funky slide.
I joined this band after the 1st record as the 2nd guitarist but unfortunatley when the 2nd record was made they didn't have a budget for me. I converse occasionally with Bill (Zoot) and Mark Boston.

It was a really good band.


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I actually had the pleasure of playing in a band with Bill/Zoot for a couple of years post-Mallard. Very nice guy. I learned a lot from him. He had some great stories. While I could never get into Beefheart the way some people do, I liked the Mallard stuff he played for me ("more accessible Beefheart?). I haven't talked to him in a while but I bought his (1st?) solo album after he moved from my area and I hope he's doing well and keeps putting out more music. Hi, Bill!

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