Malmsteen loaded pickguard?

Was considering swapping a loaded pickguard into my deluxe HSS strat. Anyone have Malmsteen pickups?

I'm intrigued by them. I like his sound and wanted something a touch modern but would be using 10-52s as opposed to 8s like he does... Didn't know if that would muddy things up to much?

For those who have them - Do they sound processed at all?


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I had a set for about a year.

The output / general sonic range of this set was lower than you might think and definitely in the 70's era tone wise. Just louder versions of bright, clear "Jimi" era pups.

Here is a pros/cons list based on my time with that set:

VERY quiet - more so than some of my Humbucker loaded guitars.

3 & 5 positions very "quacky" if thats your thing.

Fairly well balanced neck to bridge.

I loved the fast "Yngwie" volume pot however that comes with one "yeah but"

Fairy bright, and might be a bit strident with some rigs - I typically play HB guitars and I found the need to re-eq for these pups, part of the reason I sold the set.

As with most hum cancelling single coils pups, they tended to like overdrive/distortion but were a bit less impressive with clean / verge of clean tones.

This set reminded me of why I'm not a traditional Strat player. I loved the volume pot but it's location is so close and it turns so easily I was constantly turning it down while playing. Didn't care for the traditional neck and middle tone controls, would have preferred bridge tone control. Easy to remedy this one.

If you are a fan of the late 60's and 70's Strat Pickups and want a silent louder version these may work for you. If you want something more vintage/complex in tone or pups that are super hot look elsewhere always my ears are different than 99.9% of the rest of you and YMMV.
you ought to register on the Seymour Duncan User Forum and ask some questions. ;)
I am registered there. It's the Seymour Duncan custom shop. I answered my own question.

I wanted some maybe less biased recommendations and comparisons. Which is why I asked here instead:dunno


Maybe I missed it - did that guy ever say who flattened the pole pieces? I've got a 12" rosewood EJ neck this would be going on so that intrigues me greatly:red
He sent them in to the Custom Shop to have them flattened out. You could also order them that way, too. The magnet stagger is very particular to his playing and his setup (as it should be). If you are used to flat poles, or vintage staggered, or use bigger strings, it will obviously change the tone a bit.

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