Sold Manlay sound mkiii tonebender- top jacks! $150 or trade for compressor or analog delay

theyre coming theyre coming

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Selling a couple things to fund a few delays to compare.

Would trade- looking for (+/- cash as needed)...

malekko 600
dmm1100 (new version)
dmm big box
dmm xo
meet Maude
death by audio echo dream 2
Cali76 compressor
Fairfield accountant
empress compressor
suhr koji
mad professor Forest green
chase tone secret preamp
buffalo fx rh-x, evolution, power booster,
Analogman astrotone
Zvex lofi junky...
Stuff along these lines

Manlay sound mkiii fuzz-top jacks! Amazing fuzz! I am a fuz addict and nothing I have sounds quite like this one- the best vintage sounding tonebender that tears through the mix. I will be searching down another, but I am about to begin another delay battle and have to unload stuff I have that is still in production- to increase my chances of getting them back!

$150 shipped/pp ($250 new- can't seem to find many used examples to get a price- make an offer)

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Basic audio alter destiny

Sold for $150 shipped/pp

Ss/bs mini

Sold on reverb for $150 shipped
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