Manlius Guitar Landmark Pickups and my Ibanez Ghostrider


Disclosure: I'm not a huge Humbucker guy but have experience with SD Antiquity Humbuckers, Florance VooDoo Humbucker 59s, Dimarzio PAF Pros, PAF Freds (etc etc).

I picked up an Ibanez Ghostrider earlier this year that was a bit dirty and needed some cleaning. Got her all cleaned up and working the way I wanted and decided it sounded "boring" and to put a new cap and pickups in there. After some research on pickups I decided on AlNiCO 2 magnets and a vintage PAF vibe. I contacted Mick at Manlius Guitar and after some discussion decided on a stock set of his Landmark with gold covers (to match the gold hardware on the GR). Threw the new pickups in a week ago or so and now have had a chance to play them through my different setups.

I'm very happy with the outcome. The band (at practice) said the guitar has much more character and life. Before, with the stock Ibanez pickups, it sounded flat and dark the Landmarks give it some spank and character that it needed. Mick was great to work with and it was nice to buy from a local shop. Great price and high quality product that really brought the guitar to life. Thanks Mick and thanks TGP for helping me identify the magnets I was after magnet wise.

Also looks wise, the gold worked perfectly and gave the Ghostrider a nice classy look. Now I need to get a new bridge and stoptail to get it all looking good. The one's on there now are stock and beat up.

I'll probably try some of his other pickups when I decide to do my next Strat or Tele partocaster project.

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