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Many thanks to all of those who attended the TCM guitar Setup Clinic..and a Q for the

Terry McInturff

40th Anniversary of guitar building!
Platinum Supporting Member
I wanted to take a minute to thank every one of you whom attended the clinic. My objective was for each of you to come away feeling like you got your money's worth. I hope that I achieved that for you.

Any clinic is a "work-in-progress" and so I hope that you attendees will email me with suggestions as to how the next clinic can be made better. Thanks in advance for that!

Forumites....given the topic of "guitar setup techniques"...what would you like to see covered in such a clinic...or to have us pro's address here at TGP?

Perhaps the "Calling Out To Builders" template could be used to posit finite guitar setup Q's to our remarkable TGP family of builders.

Let's keep the flow of experienced, world-class-quality information alive and well here!


I'd love to attend one of these. Any plans to bring these clinics to other locations?


Terry, as I previously said the next logical step would be fret dressing, filing & lineup. You are a master at this.


Staff member
Wish I could have gone.. I would love to have an expert show me exactly what I need to do to set up my guitars.

I can do a bit of tweaking here and there, but never get it as good as when I take it in for a setup.

With five guitars I play regularly, learning to do the basic setup myself would save me a lot of money every year!




I would like to also thank everyone that attended and made the event a success! It was very informative and entertaining. I did film it so there might be a DVD available in the future. I just have to see how the editing goes. Will keep everyone posted on that. Cheers!

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